“Gone But Not Forgotten” CyberQuilt

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It has long been an American tradition to remember special events and people in quilts. The American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust would like to offer all Morgan horse owners the opportunity to share their memories of special Morgan horses through a new online Cyberquilt. The Cyberquilt featured on the AMHA website will offer a “cyber quilt square” with a picture and very short description of your special horse.

The actual real-life “Gone But Not Forgotten” Quilt was commissioned in 2005 by a member of the Morgan Community and is displayed at the AMHA headquarters in Shelburne VT. Containing over three miles of thread and depicting several disciplines, the quilt honors Morgan horses who continue to live in hearts.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to let the world know about your wonderful Morgans who are “gone but not forgotten” and share a special story or fond memory of what they meant to you and how they contributed to your life.

To learn more or purchase a “cyber quilt square” contact Ellen Di Bella at 303-841-5210 or download an application form. Postings are $50 for 3 years, or $150 for life.

The American Morgan Horse Educational/ Charitable Trust (AMHECT) was formed in 2002 to support AMHA educational programs and services, and other charitable organizations. AMHECT is a 501C3 tax exempt entity, and all contributions and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Gone But Not Forgotten Quilt

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