Memorial Grants

The American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust (AMHECT) is pleased to offer two memorial grants for young adults under the age of 40.

The Harry Sebring Memorial Grant is offered to all AMHA members under the age of 40 who would like to further his or her equine education, skills, or proficiency and/or provide equine-related experiences and education that will further the grant recipient’s business endeavors.

The Elberta Honstein Memorial Grant is a grant offered to all AMHA members under the age of 21 to further his or her equine education, skills, or proficiency, and/or further his or her academic education.

SebringHarry Sebring was a renowned Morgan horse trainer and the grant was created by his family in his memory, since he always wanted to see young adults excel personally and professionally in the show ring.

HonsteinElberta-Honstein and Roy-El Morgan Farm have a rich and long history with the Morgan breed. Roy-El Morgan Farm was founded in the early 1960′s by Roy and Elberta Honstein. They passed on their love of Morgans to their daughter, Debbie, and then to Debbie’s daughters, Elberta Seybold and Eriene Seybold-Smythe.

Applications must be completed on the official application form and include a full proposal, budget details, and proofs of any material. Checks may not be made payable to the individual, but to the clinician, institution, or business providing the services.

The 2021 Harry Sebring Memorial Grant was awarded to Elizabeth Czok (North Clarendon, VT) who will be obtaining certification from Equissage Massage Therapy.

The 2021 Alberta Sebring Memorial Grant was awarded to Amelia Mason (Lexington, KY) who will be pursuing instruction at Blue Willow Farm.

AMHECT would like to congratulate the 2021 grant recipients as well as the many other applicants on their pursuit of further education and training. A special thank you is extended to the numerous people who donated to these memorial grant funds in memory of two VERY special people. The next grant period will open on September 16, 2021 and close on November 1, 2021. All qualified members are encouraged to apply for the 2022 grants. 2022 Applications will be posted here when the application period opens.