Educational Tours & Workshops

Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year contests are designed to recognize top achievers. Youth of the Year contests consist of four parts: a written exam, an oral presentation, a judging contest and a horsemanship pattern. The written exam covers information concerning equipment, Morgan history, rules and regulations, basic horse care, and general equine knowledge. Oral presentation topics are commonly given to contestants a few weeks prior to the contest. Each participant is responsible for preparing a three- to five-minute presentation on the given topic. The judging phase consists of four to eight classes which contestants must judge. Each person is responsible for giving one or two sets of oral reasons explaining how he or she placed the class. Horsemanship patterns test hands-on ability with an animal, and can be ridden or driven. Youth who do not have a suitable horse for a pattern may borrow a horse. Each section of the contest is worth approximately 250 points. Many contest offer divisions for the leadline, walk-trot, and junior aged exhibitors. Expectations for these divisions are modified to be appropriate for the age of contestants. Please contact your local contest organizer for more information on the divisions being offered at your local contest.

Youth Council

The AMHA Youth Council is composed of more than 30 members, each selected for his or her devotion to the breed, creativity, and professionalism. Members of the Council strive to adhere to the following three goals, each reflecting values held by AMHA Youth:

-To perpetuate and promote the Morgan’s long standing history of excellence, athleticism, intelligence, and willingness.
-To attract equine-minded youth nationwide to AMHA Youth Programs by developing diverse, interesting, and effective campaigns and programs to increase youth involvement.
-To offer guidance to other AMHA youth and serve as an exemplary role models. Members of the Council are not only representatives of their region, but AMHA.

Educational Tours & Workshops

The AMHA Youth Judging Workshop is a fun, educational, and unique experience offered to AMHA Youth members only. Youth participating in this event have the chance to judge four classes ringside and to discuss placings afterwards with a USEF licensed judge.  New in 2011, this workshop is a blend of AMHA’s “You Be The Judge” program and a Morgan judging school. Participants compete as individuals instead of teams in two different age divisions, Junior (13 & under) and Senior (14-21). Ribbons are awarded 1st-6th in each age division and grand prizes will be awarded to the high-scoring participant in each division. An awards brunch will be held at the completion of the competition to recognize the winning individuals.