Little Sorrel

Little Sorrel was the favorite mount of Confederate hero-general Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, who appreciated him for this toughness, smooth gait, and intelligence. Little Sorrel was beloved in Dixie, particularly with Southern ladies who would clip hairs from his mane and tail to make wristlets and rings.

Little Sorrel’s hide was mounted and presented to the Virginia Military Institute Museum, where it’s a popular attraction. The taxidermist took the bones as partial payment and gave them to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. The VMI Museum got the bones back, cremated and interred them in 1997, on the parade grounds, at the feet of a statue of General Jackson.

Today, Little Sorrel stands near the raincoat that Stonewall Jackson was wearing when he was mortally wounded. The coat is displayed so that visitors can see the bullet hole.

In 2004, AMHECT contributed to the cleaning and restoration of Little Sorrel’s hide.