YAA Professional Development Project: Judging School

YAA Mission:The American Morgan Horse Association Young Adult Alliance (YAA) is an organization of 18-40 year-old amateurs and professionals working together to strengthen the Morgan breed. Established in 2013, this group was founded to create a platform for young adult members to build relationships, develop professionally, become civically and philanthropically active, and to contribute to the economic success of the Morgan community.

Subcommittee: Abbie Trexler, Merin Maggi, Amanda Hill, Jessica Marino, and advisor Sara Foy.

Mission of the project:
To provide educational options to young adult (21-40) Morgan enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, who are interested in attaining their R Morgan judging card. This is an opportunity for young adults to educate themselves on the show ring and develop professionally.

The scholarship amount is up to $1,500 in travel expenses and judges school fees, paid out as tuition reimbursement upon successful completion of two judges schools and one learner judging, within a two-year period from Dec 31 of the year awarded, upon submission and approval of receipts for the monies. Suitable travel expenses include flight, hotel, rental car or mileage (up to .$56/mile) on a personal vehicle, and judges school enrollment fees.

Criteria of applicant:

Any professional or amateur, age 21-40 (As of Jan 1 of the current year), who has the intent of becoming a Morgan R judge may apply. Currently carded Morgan judges (r or R) may not apply. This is not a need-based scholarship. Please submit a 500-word essay on the topic What I hope to learn from Morgan judging school and what I will contribute to the judging pool, along with one recommendation letter from a current R Morgan judge, resume, and completed application. Selection will be based on the applicant’s passion and desire to contribute to the Morgan breed and uphold the breed standard as expressed in the essay, Morgan experience as outlined in the application, and the experience, dedication and commitment suggested from the letter of recommendation. Professional or amateur competitor status will not be taken in to consideration in the selection process.

Submissions due August 15 annually. All application information should be sent to: execdir@morganhorse.com

The subcommittee will select the top five applicants for each scholarship based on the criteria as stated, winners will be selected by the YAA Executive Committee via the scoring system outlined below.

A scoring system of a 1-10 (10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest) for each of the three components (application, essay, and letter of recommendation) will determine selection: essay 50%, letter of recommendation 35%, application 15%. Each member of the YAA Executive Committee will score the top five applications.

Winner will provide a testimonial to the YAA and a current headshot for use in publicity materials.

Scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the YAA Executive Committee, as criteria for applicants are met and approved. The scholarship will be offered on an annual basis at the discretion of the YAA Executive Committee.

No member of the YAA Executive Committee, their families, or AMHA staff shall be eligible for this scholarship.

DOWNLOAD the YAA Judges School Scholarship Application